Research and Strategy

What do your customers actually need from you? They may not know it yet.

CX Design

We take insights from the research phase to design your future state in the white space

CX Delivery

We can help you deliver your new customer experiences or digital solutions.

CX Education

Your organisation’s customer and innovation focus is critical to your long term success.

About Two Griffins

Connecting people’s needs with the possibilities of technology and business success

Many organisations in the digital age find that they are regularly building new solutions that don’t get the take up they envisage and so their business goals suffer. They struggle to get true insight (the golden nuggets) that elicit the desired response from their customers.

That’s where Two Griffins can help.

A Griffin is a legendary creature with the body, tail and back legs of a lion, the head and wings of an eagle, and an eagle’s talons as its front feet. It was thought to be a particularly powerful and majestic creature that guards priceless possessions and lays golden eggs.

At Two Griffins, one Griffin is the customer; the other is the business. It’s in the white space where these two party’s needs and goals meet that true success happens.


Deep digital, customer and financial services experience, and a strong Fintech network

Two Griffins was established in 2017 by Clarissa Keil. Clarissa has over 17 years’ experience in digital and customer experience design, mostly at Blue Chip financial services firms like AXA Investment Managers, Westpac, BT Financial Group and Sunsuper.

For more than 17 years, Clarissa has been observing and researching customers. During this time she’s mastered the art of eliciting real insights from customer behaviour and interviews. This insight is critical to designing useful, usable and engaging customer solutions that also meet business goals.

In early 2016, Clarissa and her colleagues launched Fintech QLD with the goal of building a flourishing Fintech ecosystem in QLD. Fintech QLD has run many sold out events in Brisbane, including a 54-hour start up weekend with over 120 participants in 2016. Clarissa has a strong network in the Australian Fintech scene and is across many of the emerging new start-ups in this space.

This enables Clarissa to combine deep customer insight with her knowledge of emerging technology to design and deliver engaging and innovative customer solutions that also meet organisational goals.