Research and Strategy

Research and Strategy

We can help you work out what your customers really need from you. This is often different to what they may tell you they want.
And often they don’t yet know what they want!

We use a combination of quantitative and qualitative research techniques to identify real pain points, opportunities
and potential moments of truth along your customer’s journey with you.

We also use a range of innovation and design thinking techniques to help you come up with truly innovative customer solutions that cater to the unmet needs of your customers, and ideally occupy the white space.

Some sample activities or deliverables:

    • Contextual customer research
    • Stakeholder workshops
    • Customer Value Propositions
    • Divergent and convergent thinking, oppositional thinking
    • Data analytics review
    • Mapping existing customer journeys
    • Persona development
    • Empathy mapping
    • User needs analysis and user requirements
    • Competitor, industry and market reviews
    • Business strategy review and needs analysis
    • CX Strategy and roadmap
    • Digital Strategy and roadmap